Our Stoty

A hobby that started in 2016 in our “Villa”.

The Red Cherry neocaridinas were the first shrimp in our aquarium, which led to the acquisition of another to place the well-known Caridina Crystal Red.

Aquariums with different sizes, which were thought to change for the same shrimp, which would give a more beautiful appearance to the room.

Then 4 were acquired, which resulted in some more and more …

With this came the addiction to shrimp, the different species and later the selection of some, either in pattern or color.

In February 2018 the idea came up to create a Blog on Facebook, where we began to put photos of some of our prawns so that later they can be remembered, since with all the care, the unexpected could happen.

Learning and knowledge were acquired, from experiences, some online literature and with all those who began to be part of our lives in this much appreciated hobby.

In 2021, taking into account the difficulty of placing our prawns on social networks, or even the difficulty of making some of the articles visible to everyone, this page was created.

Now, here you can find some essential information so that everyone who wants to start or has already started, have at their disposal.

We continue to learn with everyone in this hobby.



Don´t give up on this hobby!
Read or ask for help whenever necessary!
Time and patience are essential to get started!
It is wonderful to watch the shrimps evolution!


Ricardo & Sofia